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Built for the extreme

The Ouroboros is tested to CE EN14143 and built to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing standards. It’s a back mounted Closed-Circuit unit and is still being dived by some of the world’s leading divers. It is one of the most technical advanced rebreathers in  use.

The Ouroboros is an electronic controlled, fully Closed-Circuit rebreather with full manual over-ride. Advances in Co2 canister design have been incorporated into the unit. A unique radial scrubber is accompanied by counter lungs and all other sensitive parts in a carbon Kevlar case. Electronics finish the unit with a primary wrist mounted display, Heads-up Display (HUD) , a rear facing display and a completely redundant passive Oxygen display showing true real time PO2 independent of the main electronics.
Main photo above by Martijn Houtman