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Principles of operation

The fundamentals of Closed Circuit Rebreahters are well established. The Ouroboros raises the performance bar to a new level. The oxygen controller uses 3 independent and isolated oxygen cells which supply data for the main computer and the independent backup oxygen display simultaneously. Oxygen setpoint tracking is very accurate (ref EN14143) and variable setpoints can be programmed with automatic selection at pre-set depths. Calibration is literally at the push of a button.

High pressure gas is monitored digitally and sensors provide alarms in the event of high usage or failure/leaks.

Co₂ removal is via a unique patented Radial canister design. The canister provides a low Work of Breathing (WOB) and has an automatic packing capability.

Routine maintenance is ‘tool free’ and can easily be done in the field. With no perishable ‘soft parts’ (rubber hoses etc.) maintenance cycle times are extended.

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